Creating value by investing in the energy needs of today and the energy solutions of tomorrow.

Nexus aims to be the premier partner for investors, operators, and companies by creating sustainable value through our team of experts and robust commercial network.

Due diligence backed by in-depth expertise

Our team of experts, from geoscientists to engineers to financial analysts, has deep industry knowledge. This expertise enables Nexus to take a returns-focused approach to identifying trends and opportunities across energy sectors.

Agile decision-making to own a landscape in flux

Nexus makes informed decisions nimbly. This agility results in a risk-adjusted investment approach that allows for quick adaption as demands within the energy industry change quickly. We are always ahead of the curve.

A robust network that works for you

We work to build relationships and leverage our vast network to help us identify profitable emerging and innovative opportunities in the energy sector. Our partners give us an edge, particularly in the venture space.

For Investors

Consistently serving our investors with pragmatism and acumen. Our track record of successful investments and steady cash flow illustrate this service.

For Operators

Serving top-tier operators with integrity and partnership. We investigate opportunities with rigor, and move quickly to capitalize on good decisions.

For Partners

Serving our network of partners by taking on the role of subject-matter experts, backed by our extensive expertise in industry non-op.

Making investments across the energy spectrum

Oil & Gas

Working side-by-side with the best operators in Oklahoma, focused on non-op.

Alternative Energy

Leveraging non-op investment expertise across alternative energy sectors.

We’re committed to creating value and serving our investors every day.

Get to know us.

The energy landscape is changing and opening up new opportunities for innovation. And we’re pursuing them
— pragmatically.

We’ve never been reactionary to industry changes — we’ve always been ahead of them. For years, our due-diligence approach to oil and gas investments has allowed us to offer investors exceptional opportunities that bring exceptional returns. Now, technologies are transforming and alternative energy is experiencing explosive growth that can’t be ignored.

With oil and gas still primary global energy sources, investment into this market requires a full-spectrum approach. We’re perfectly positioned to provide this. Nexus Energy Partners will take its proven, pragmatic, data-driven approach to emerging stretches of the industry — expanding its scope to include opportunities that increase efficiencies and cut carbon emissions, including alternative energy. This means more diversified, resilient portfolios for our investors. We’re eager to meet the energy industry’s need for a responsive, dynamic investment strategy.

Connect with Nexus. Meet a world of vast opportunity and innovation.

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