Established technologies becoming more scalable and commercial

A successful energy transition is predicated on the infrastructure to make it more cost-effective and efficient — both in oil & gas and emerging energy.  Our approach will be two-pronged: investing in the technology that minimizes the carbon footprint of existing oil & gas operations while funding the technology to make alternative energy more viable at a large scale.

Energy Ventures

How we produce alternative energy is just as important as the energy sources themselves. Investing in infrastructure that increases production efficiency can accelerate the energy transformation by making these assets more cost-effective and viable for a mass market.

Renewable + Sustainable Energy Sources

  • Hydrogen

  • Geothermal

  • Waste Heat Recovery

Oilfield-Adjacent Technology

We’ve come to understand the ins and outs of the oil & gas industry by gaining various perspectives through the years — occupying roles as operators, financers and engineers for geoscience, land, and reservoirs. We’ll use this expertise to invest in technology that steers innovation and increases productivity in the oilfield. We’re not only finding ways to reduce costs and carbon emissions — we’re optimizing cash flows.

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