Katie Wall
Senior Director, People and Culture

Katie Wall joined Nexus in 2022 as Senior Director, People and Culture after previously providing strategic planning facilitation and consultation to the Nexus leadership team. Katie is responsible for building internal team culture and leading all aspects of Human Resources, managing communications and marketing, as well as helping lead strategic planning and execution. Katie brings over 15 years of experience in organizational culture, strategy, and team development as well as expertise in high-performance teaming and facilitation, having worked with over 50 organizations throughout her career, including 6 enterprise-level teams.

Before joining Nexus, Katie was the CEO of a team building and culture company and the Founder and Principal of a facilitation consultancy, providing leadership around organizational culture and play, high-performance teaming, and strategic planning to companies both in the for-profit and non-profit sectors. She previously was the manager of high-performance teaming and facilitation at an event strategy company, designing custom interactive workshops and consultation for global event teams at Fortune 500 B2B tech companies through multiple touchpoints in their event cycle, and facilitating internal learning and development workshops. Before that, Katie spent 8 years working for the healthcare organization Kaiser Permanente, using her creative facilitation and storytelling skills to design impactful and interactive workshops addressing public health outcomes.

Katie graduated from the University of Colorado, earning a Bachelor of Fine Arts in theatre performance. She is certified in Human Resources Management from Cornell University, earned a certification in human-centered design from IDEO, and is a certified facilitator from Leadership Strategies.

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