Lindsey Boggs
Director, Data Strategy and Optimization

Lindsey Boggs joined Nexus in 2024 as Director of Data Strategy and Optimization after previously providing data integration consultation to the Nexus team. Lindsey is a technology, infrastructure, and business intelligence professional with more than 12 years of oil and gas experience. She is responsible for data architecture strategy and implementation, technology and software management, process optimization, and improved company-wide data literacy through learning and development facilitation.

Early in her career, Lindsey translated her education background to the oil and gas industry by employing her communication and problem-solving skills as a Petroleum Analyst at Premier Natural Resources. Quickly gaining an interest in software, she went on to consult on projects related to software implementation and data management at Stonebridge Consulting. Leveraging this experience, she subsequently cofounded ScoutGroup, a company offering a field data capture iOSapp and web portal platform. As the business and implementation lead, Lindsey helped to add and deploy 13 clients within the company’s first two years. This experience sparked her interest in coding, software development, and analytics, which she developed and utilized in her data management roles at Rebellion Energy, Rimrock Resource Operating, and within various consulting opportunities in and outside the industry.

Lindsey graduated with honors from Oklahoma State University in 2009 with a bachelor’s degree focused in Education. She completed her OERB PetroTech Certification in 2011 at Tulsa Tech University and has since been certified in 10+ software applications with experience in an additional 25+ applications used in the industry.

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